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 Wills by Post or Wills by email or Online Wills in Moray, Northumberland and the Scottish Borders

With the advent of the internet and fast broadband has come the online Will which can be an inexpensive and quick way to produce a basic Will. However many people understandably are nervous about completing Wills online in case they make errors which could prove very costly especially in the case of something as important as making a Will

The online Will does come with serious risks because it is produced automatically from a computer software program with no human input. The form that you fill in online only asks the basic questions to produce a very basic Will.

Because online Wills are produced by computer software and there is no consultation with a qualified Will writer there is therefore the risk that:

A. Your Will may not be drafted to fully reflect all your circumstances and you will not receive advice on many important issues      eg; care home fees, protecting your assets, protecting an unmarried partner, making sure certain people do not inherit.

B. Without this consultation the chances increase that the online Will is not a correct or even valid one and could even result in an intestate situation.

Most people believe they only require a basic Will. But in the modern world more and more families have the complications of divorce, unmarried couples, children from different parents, the worry of future care home fees and potential inheritance tax etc.

Therefore there is a need for more complex Wills to deal with modern living factors all of which with a need drafting individually and explaining personally.

To overcome these problems Legal Will Writers of Yorkshire offer you a choice of either our e-Wills  or Wills by Post  services (see below) both of which have the same low cost of the usual online Will but with the advantage of direct contact and consultation with your own quaified legal Will writer.


Our inexpensive e-Wills service is intended for those that wish to make either a basic or standard Will from the comfort of their own keyboard yet want their Will to be drafted by a qualified Will writer. For more complex Wills use our home visit service.

With our on-line e-Will writing service you communicate directly with a legal Will Writer by email rather than a computer and all for the same price and with a quick turnaround.


Standard e-Will

With our standard  e-Will service all your questions are answered specifically and your Will is drafted by a professional Will Writer who will understand your wishes

1. You email an e-Will request to:

2. We email you a questionaire with explanations and information.

3. You complete the questionaire and email it back and make your payment. We will also answer any questions made by email or telephone regarding your Will and give you our professional advice.

4. A legal Will Writer will then personally draft your Will from your completed questionaire. We then email back a draft copy for your approval or amendment. 

5. You sign and return the documents by email together with any amendments.

6. We then prepare your final Will and email it back together with the important signing instructions for you to print out. Or if you prefer for an optional extra cost we can post to you a printed and bound copy.  e for e-Wills means e for easy and e for economic

Wills by Post

Our Wills by Post service is the same as our e-Will service with the only difference being we use surface mail rather than electronic emails. 

Our Wills by Post service includes all the benefits of the e-Will service but includes a printed & bound original Will

Legal Will Writers of Yorkshire still recommend a home visit for the more complex types of Wills.

Email us now  to make an appointment of for a free consultation  


 NEWS MARCH 2020 Making a Will during the Coronavirus social distancing restrictions

  • COVID-19  The current restrictions on movement means home visits are now not possible. However this is not a reason to delay making your will as you can use our service of Wills by post & email which has been tried and tested over many years.  This Wills by post & email service includes a one to one consultation with a qualified will-writer by telephone, WhatsApp and email, a draft copy sent to you for approval by email and then a final version also sent by email or a bound copy sent by post