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Who Should Make a Will ?

If you die without making a will, you are deemed to have died 'intestate' and the law - rather than you - decides who inherits your estate.

So in short almost everyone will benefit by making a Will.


In particular you especially need to make a Will......

If you are single

If you are married

If you have children or step-children

If you are co-habiting

If you are divorced or remarried

If you are a property owner

If you are a sole director of a business

If you are retired you may already have a Will in need of refreshing for example it may need to inlcude grandchildren. 

Or If you simply do not want the Government to take your assets and become another case for the 'Heir Hunters'!

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Legal Will Writers of Moray offer Free Initial Consultation in the following areas:

Make a Will in Aberdeen

Make a Will in Aberlour

Make a Will in Buckie

Make a Will in Burghead

Make a Will in Dufftown

Make a Will in Duffus

Make a Will in Elgin

Make a Will in Fochabers

Make a will in Forres

Make a Will in Grampian

Make a Will in Hopeman

Make a Will in Huntly

Make a Will in Inverness

Make a Will in Keith

Make a Will in Llanbryde

Make a Will in Lossiemouth

Make a Will in Nairn

Making a Will in Moray

Make a Will in Rothes

Make a Will in Speyside

Make a Will in Strathspey





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 Welcome to Legal Will Writers  

  Professional UK Will Writing service worldwide by email or post

Welcome to our website which contains comprehensive information about our Will Writing services for England, Scotland and UK Expats living abroad.

Legal Will Writers offer a specialist Will Writing service by email or post for both UK Residents and UK Expats to comply with either English or Scottish Law.

Legal Will Writers for UK Expats offer a specialist Will Writing service for UK Expats worldwide and a home visit service for parts of Spain.

Legal Will Writers of Moray are specialist Scottish Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners covering Elgin & Moray, Aberdeen & Grampian, Inverness and the Highland areas with an online Will writing service and a Wills by Post and email (e-Wills) service for all other areas of Scotland. 

Legal Will Writers of Yorkshire offers a professional Will Writing service by email or post for all of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As members of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners we are vetted, qualified and we are bound  by the SWW Charter and Code of  Practice which commits us to bringing you a first class Will Writing service with high integrity and utmost discretion and we are unusual in that we publish our fees which are competitive, fixed and transparent.

From Legal Will Writers  you will receive a friendly, professional and inexpensive service that includes a FREE initial consultation. You can use our Wills online (e-Wills) or Wills by Post services for all of Scotland and the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We offer the following Will writing and estate planning services:

Wills - Powers of Attorney - Discretionary Trusts - Advance Directives (Living Wills) - Joint Property Protection Trusts (Liferent of property) - Family Asset Protection Trusts -Evacuation of Special Destination (changes to ownership in common) - Funeral Plans - estate planning including solutions for Inheritance Tax and Care Home Fees.

Making a Will ensures your affairs will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes after you have gone. But what will happen if your health declines before you die and you are unable to look after your own welfare and financial matters. It is a good idea to talk to your nearest and dearest about granting a Power of Attorney to plan for the future.

For further information or order a free information pack or to make an appointment please email:

Professional Indemnity Insurance Guarantee 

We provide Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of £2.5 million for each and every Will that we draft to guarantee peace of mind for you and your beneficiaries.

Types of Wills

There are several different types of Wills available in Scotland and it is therefore very important to be aware of which one best suits your circumstances and fulfils your wishes.

Before making your Will our Free initial consultation includes an explanation of each type of Will and which one may best suit you. For more details of each type of Will read more...

Will Trusts 

Trusts are a way of protecting assets (money, investments, land, buildings, shares or even antiques) for the people you want to benefit.

To learn how Will Trusts can be included in your Will read more...

Powers of Attorney 

Whereas a Will takes care of your affairs after your death granting Powers of Attorney will make sure that your wishes wll be carried out in the evnt of any future incapacity.

A power of attorney is a document appointing someone to act for the granter and to make decisions on behalf of the granter. The person who grants the power is called the 'granter' and the person appointed is known as the 'attorney'.

Anyone concerned to make plans for the future should consider making a power of attorney. A power of attorney can be useful both for someone anticipating the chance of a permanent incapacity or to deal with periods of incapacity in the future.

Powers of attorney in Scotland can deal with financial and/or welfare matters.

For more details on powers of attorney including the responsibilities read more..

Inheritance Tax Planning 

Inheritance tax is a tax which is paid on the things of value you leave behind when you die. This is called your estate. Inheritance tax will need to be paid if the value of your estate adds up to more than £325,000 and it is charged at 40% on assets above the nil rate(£325,000)

There are some exceptions to this rule, for example, if you leave your estate to your husband, wife or civil partner.

read more... on mitigating Inheritance Tax.

Scottish Wills

Make a Scottish Will with Legal Will Writers of Moray which complies with the Scottish Rights of succession.


 English Wills

Legal Will Writers of Moray an make an English Will to comply with the laws of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

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Make a Will in Spain

Legal Will Writers in Spain off a Will Writing service for UK expats who are living in Spain and want to make a UK Will or Scottish Will without having to make a return visit to the UK.



We explain why you need executors, what their duties are and how you appoint more

About Us

We are your local independent qualified specialist Will Writers and as members of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners we abide by their strict Code of Practice. This self regulatory body seeks to protect the public by vetting practitioners through stringent membership requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training from the College of Will Writing.

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Our Services

As specialist Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners we are able to offer you a variety of services with the choice to make a Will in the privacy of your own home or for standard Wills you can make a Will with our On-line service or by telephone and post.

Before deciding to use any of our professional Will writing services for England or Scotland we also offer a Free initial consultation and a Free information pack which confirms  our fixed prices all without any obligation.

Our Free initial consultation will explain the key points and answer your questions so that your Will fully covers both your wishes and your individual circumstances which may include: 

bequests, trusts, guardianship, pets, charities, funeral plans, powers of attorney, mitigating inheritance tax, solutions to long term care home costs, executors etc. 

For further details...

Expat Wills

For those expats living or working abroad they can now make either a Scottish or English Will without the need to return to the UK.... read more


New EU Regulations for the Succession for Overseas Property - from 17th August 2015 

The new regulations came into force on 17 August 2015 and it is most important that anyone with property in another country review their Wills and estate planning to avoid the forced inheritance laws of many of the EU countries.

A new legally valid UK Will drafted to comply with either English or Scottish law is now effective for overseas EU property in accordance with these new EU regulations. Therefore these new EU regulations mean it is not now necessary to have a local Will to cover foreign property.

Professional advice should be taken with regard to both existing reviewing UK Wills and making new ones. Legal Will Writers for Expats can provide this service for you.

Wills for UK Expats

Legal Will Writers for UK Expats offer a Will Writing service for all UK expats who are living abroad and want to make a UK Will or Scottish Will without having to make a return visit to the UK.

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 Legal Jargon

Don't worry about the legal jargon as we will explain everything in our Free consultation. Meanwhile for a glossary of legal terms read more...

 Appointing Guardians and Parental Responsibilities

The appointment of guardians and the rights they have are governed by the Childrens Act 1989, s5. A guardian can only be appointed in accordance with that section.  It is highly important for parents to consider appointing guardians to cover the possibility that both parents were to die before their child is eighteen. mor

 Fixed Prices

Our prices are fixed and transparent with choice of more

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