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Types of Wills

There are different types of Wills which can be designed to cover every situation from simple and straightforward to quite complex ones that include Trusts. It is very important that you choose the one which best suits your circumstances and wishes. The right Will ensures that you have complete peace of mind for the future and your loved ones are protected. 

Legal Will Writers of Yorkshire can draft all types of Wills and offer a Free initial consultation, with no obligation, so that you are aware which type of Will is best for your situation and the total cost. We are qualified to write Wills in both English and Scottish law.


Standard Wills (sometimes call a Basic Will) 

We ensure that your Standard Will is tailored to your specific circumstances and wishes and can be either drafted as:

a Single Will  designed for one person

a Mirror Will designed for couples with similar wishes

Both the above Standard Wills can include clauses which:

  • Revokes any previous Will
  • Appoints your Executors
  • Appoints Guardians if you have minor children (under 16 in Scotland)
  • Names to whom (if any) you wish to leave Specific Gift (items)
  • Names to whom (if any) you wish yo leave a Pecuniary Gift (money)
  • Names to whom you are leaving the residue of your estate
  • Include a Long Stop (disaster) clause in the event of all those named as your residuary beneficiaries fail to survive you
  • States your funeral wishes (if any)
  • States your wishes for organ donation (If any)

Will Trusts

Optional Trusts can be included in more complex Wills to offer increased protection of your property and possessions for your loved ones. If you own a property, have significant savings or wish to ensure that vulnerable people are cared for, a Trust can give you greater peace of mind.

Legal Will Writers of Yorkshire can write Trust Wills for the following circumstances.;

Inheritance Tax (IHT) Discretionary Trust WillsTo assist in tax planning and minimise your potential Inheritance Tax liabilities

Disabled Discretionary TrustTo provide for the future care of a disabled relative and mitigate against disabled beneficiaries losing state benefits.

Childrens TrustsThis provides a Trust to hold money for a child beneficiary until they are of a certain age (eg 25 years old) In Scotland children can inherit at 16 years of age

Protective Property TrustsYou to protect a minimum of half the value, or maybe the whole of your property being taken to cover Care Home Fees.

Trust Wills can be drafted on their own or in combination depending if your circumstances require it. We can help you write a Will which is tailored to your specific needs and wishes to provide you with the best protection for your loved ones' future to cover both your property and your assests.

Trust Wills can be written for both single people and couples.


Other Related Services

We also off the following related services to put in place the right future plans in your lifetime:

Living Wills: (also known as an Advance Directive) - which allows you to record your wishes with regard to healthcare and medical treatment should you be unable to communicate them at the time.

Powers of Attorney:  which allow you to give legal authority to people you trust to deal with and manage your financial and/or welfare affairs on you behalf.

Mitigating Against Inheritance Tax

Will Storage

Funeral Plans

Equity Release



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