Legal Will Writers of Moray



Custody for Life

Custody for Life means exactly that - we have a facility to store your Wills, Powers of Attorney etc for your lifetime.

Peace of Mind

Upon receipt of your documents, we will check each one for validity ensuring the signature and date are entered correctly, and that the witnesses are not named in the Will as a beneficiary.

Once the documents have been processed you will receive the Certificate of Custody and your executors will each receive a credit sized plastic Executor ID card.

For security reasons the Executors cannot retrieve the Wills or other documents unless they apply in writing and enclose a copy of the Deathe Certificate,

In any case, where the appointed Executors are ´lay persons´such as the spouse and children, we will offer them a free help line with the opportunity to talk to a Case Manager from the Society of Will Writers Trust Corporation who can provide assistance if required.

Dispatch of documents is normally 24/48 hours from receipt of a retrieval notice along with supporting proof of identity and a copy of the Death Certificate.

In cases of death, Wills will only be sent via either Guaranteed or Registered post. Normal posting will only be used where the Will is required for amendment.

Benefits of Safe Storage

We believe that our storage service sets the standards and systems for Will and document storage today.

  • Safe and secure storage facility and guaranteed for life
  • Easy retrieval - usually 24/48 houts of recieving call or email
  • Staff availability
  • Help line with Free advice to Executors and family members at time of death
  • Avoids the chance of Wills and documents being lost, damaged or stolen.
  • All Wills and Documents insured against loss or damage
  • Free Will review


Wills and including other documents, no restriction on size or weight

Single or Double Wills:     £25 p.a.